Property Development History

These entries chronicle our progress from the permitting process (January 2007) through initial site development…

Website Update:  October 22, 2009
The debris that has been cleared continues to be piled and mulched.  Truckloads of dirt have started to arrive and are being placed in the areas where the Phase I buildings are to be constructed.  This is a process known as surcharging.  The dirt will sit help to compress the ground for a period of approximately 4 months before any vertical construction can take place.  Now that the site is cleared it is easier to gain a scope of the size of the property.

Website Update:  September24, 2009
In the past few weeks, the site continues to be cleared in its entirety.  A logging company harvested some of the wood to be used for paper and other materials.  Silt fencing has been installed along the entire perimeter and also along the border with Lockwood Boulevard.  Today, the retention pond areas are being noted with stakes and flags.  Digging of the front pond should begin shortly.  The trees that have been removed are being moved to the north property staging area where they will be mulched.  Some dirt has been imported as a perimeter road is constructed.  In the coming weeks, approximately 6,000 truckloads of dirt will be imported to the site.

Website Update:  September 4, 2009
This week, the silt fencing was completed around the perimeter of the clearing area.  An access road into the property was also extended further into the north entrance.  A few acres were cleared immediately behind the existing retention pond on the north side of the property.

Website Update:  August 24, 2009
The gopher tortoises were relocated today to a new home… a ranch in Clermont.  Also, a ‘trac hoe’ arrived on property and began clearing a perimeter road so that the erosion fencing can be installed.  Briar Corporation also installed their signs in the front of the property.  On this Feast of St. Bartholomew, Apostle and Martyr, it was a significant day towards Planting Seeds of Faith in East Seminole County!

Website Update:  August 23, 2009
Beginning Monday, August 24 the relocation of the gopher turtles will begin to take place.  After meeting with the City of Oviedo on Thursday, August 13, all permits have been issued for site clearing, tree removal, right of way on the road, etc.  After the relocation of the nine gopher turtle sites, fencing will be put on the property to mark the boundaries.   Overall site clearing should commence in the next two to three weeks.

Website Update:  August 4, 2009
We are entering into a contract with Briar Corporation to complete the site development of our property.  Next week, we are scheduled for a pre-construction meeting with the City of Oviedo at which time the permits for clearing will be finalized.  Shortly thereafter, the property will be tagged off, a silt fence installed, and the gopher turtles will be relocated before any clearing occurs.

Website Update:  June 29, 2009
We have received bids for our site development from several contractors.  These will be reviewed and three will be interviewed to clarify questions, concerns, etc. from both parties.  Once a decision is made, the contract will be reviewed by the Diocese of Orlando and signed by Bishop Wenski.  Stay tuned!

Website Update:  June 16, 2009
Our Non Statutory Land Use Agreement was approved last night by the City Council of Oviedo.  A big step towards our ability to continue moving forward with development of our property!

Website Update:  June 8, 2009
On June 9, we will meet with the Planning and Zoning Department of the City of Oviedo for a hearing regarding our Non Statutory Land Use Agreement.  Our site development bid packages have been mailed.  Bids are due to us by June 29 at which time we will review them and choose a contractor.  We are planning on being on the July 8 agenda for the Diocese of Orlando Finance Committee for approval for our initiatl loan.  Preparation for site development should commence shortly after this.

Website Update:  May 20, 2009
We have received approval of our permit from the St. Johns Water Management District and also our permit to relocate the gopher tortoises currently on our property.  Our Non-Statutory Development Agreement continues to be under review by the City of Oviedo.  Also under review is a list of potential site development contractors.

Website Update:  April 20, 2009
This evening at the City of Oviedo City Council meeting, our request for rezoning of our property was approved!  We previously were zoned Agricultural and are now zoned PLI (Public Lands and Institutions).  Also, today we received the permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.  At a meeting on May 12th, we are scheduled to be on the agenda for the St. Johns Water Management District.  In late May, we will present our Non-Statutory Development Agreement to the City Council for approval.  We are grateful for the continued prayers as the permits and permissions for our project are presented to the various governing agencies.

Website Update:  March 20, 2009
Our applications to our governing agencies (City of Oviedo, St. Johns Water Management District, and the Army Corps of Engineers) have been submitted.  We look forward to receiving the necessary approvals and permissions to move forward.  Please pray for the continued success of our building project!

Our applications to the City of Oviedo, St. Johns Water Management District, and the Army Corps of Engineers continue to be under review.  Please pray for patience at this time as our plans are reviewed and recommendations and responses are made.

Website Update:  January 8, 2008
As we enter into the New Year we look forward with joyful hope to the Alive in Christ Capital Campaign and continued progress with our property development.  We have begun the Design Development process with Hunton Brady architects.  In this process the schematic design/drawings (soon to be made available), are fine tuned so that better estimates can be achieved as final construction drawings are completed.

Website Update:  December 8, 2007
Thank you to all who attended our Town Hall Meeting this past Thursday at Hagerty High School.  We are especially appreciative of the positive feedback from our gathering and also the questions that arose from the meeting.   Beginning in January, an extra page will be added in the bulletin, and a portion will be dedicated specifically to Property Development and the Alive in Christ Campaign… giving an opportunity to address questions and provide updates.

As has been previously presented, there is extensive site development to be completed on our property in preparation for construction of the buildings.  Site development will commence as soon as rezoning, permitting and all permissions are obtained from governing agencies.  This past week, we were notified that the Diocese of Orlando has agreed to include up to $3 million of site development cost in a long term payback agreement along with the cost of the land.  This will allow us to defer the cost of site development to a later date.

Website Update:  December 5, 2007
In recent weeks, meetings have taken place regarding the following:

  • <City of Oviedo:  A pre-application meeting included a review of our site plans and was attended by Peter Sutch (Civil Engineer) and Roy Trimboli (Chair, MPB Facilities Team).  We have also been in contact with the Planning Department regarding rezoning of our site from Agricultural to Public Lands and Institutions (PLI).
  • Other Entities:  We also are in contact with St. John’s River Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers as development of our property involves these agencies as well.
  • Regional School:  A recent meeting of area Pastors discussed the proposed governance model for the school, which encompasses the relationship between the Diocese, the participating parishes, as well as the future School Board, Principal, parents, and students.  The funds to construct the school will come from a bond issue and paid back over the long term.
  • <Capital Campaign:  A ‘Summit Meeting’ was held with our Ministry Facilitators to share preliminary information regarding our parish’s participation in the Diocese of Orlando ‘Alive in Christ’ Campaign.  The majority of the funds pledged and collected in the campaign will allow us to continue in the construction process for our buildings.  As part of the larger Church, the other portion of the funds will be utilized to provide funding for the initiatives raised and planned by the Synod.   We continue to work diligently with our Campaign Manager, PJ Guerriero of the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida to plan and execute a successful Alive in Christ Campaign for Most Precious Blood Catholic Church.

Website Update:  October 19, 2007
Today, Fr. Stephen met with Bishop Wenski and other local Pastors to receive the results of the New Catholic Elementary School survey.  Thank you to all who responded.  The response rate from our parish was extremely high.  The survey indicates that a new Catholic school in East Seminole County is needed and could be sustained in the long-term.  Various statistics were compiled that would give some guidance in terms of the size and opening grades that may be possible.  The next step in the process will be to determine a financial model to ensure a healthy fiscal future which would include establishing a tuition rate and structure that would cover the cost of education and other related expenses.  Also to be determined is the governance model (how the school will be managed).  More details will be forthcoming as the Diocese of Orlando continues to work with Catholic Schools Management and local parishes to fill the need for offering a ministry of Catholic education in our area.

Website Update:  October 18, 2007
On September 12, 2007, Fr. Parkes along with Peter Sutch (Civil Engineer), Larry Calise (Parish Finance Council), and Tommy Hagood (Hunton Brady Architects) went before the Diocese of Orlando Finance Council.  Approvals were given for the following:  1. Fundraising will be part of the Diocese of Orlando ‘Alive in Christ’ campaign which will kick off in January for Most Precious Blood Parish, 2. Site work funding in the amount of up to $3 million would be advanced when permitting and permissions are obtained from governing agencies, and 3. Continuation of architectural drawings into the Design Development phase is permissible for the Parish Life Center and also for the Welcome Center.

Results of the Regional School Survey will be made available to the Pastors of the participating parishes  mid-October.  At that time, decisions would be made regarding this aspect of our campus.

Our Civil Engineers are preparing applications to the City of Oviedo for the following:  1. Rezoning to PLI (Public Lands and Institutions) from Agricultural in order to accommodate buildout of the campus, and 2. A Development Agreement which will include a comprehensive long term plan for development of the property.

The following work has been done on the property recently:  final geotechnical survey, tree survey, and traffic study.

Website Update:  March 7, 2007
Our visit to the Diocese of Orlando Building Committee went very well.  Our proposed Master Plan was received with affirmation.  We are arranging to visit the City of Oviedo for a pre-application meeting and initial review in late March.

The Facilities Commission (MPB) met with Hunton Brady Architects this past week for a Design Charette.  The 5-hour meeting included reviewing our overall Program and putting it forth into blueprint format.  Proposed Phase I design and construction at this time will include the following:  Worship/Assembly Center (seating for 1000, daily chapel with seating of 150, kitchen facility, and support space) and Welcome/Formation Center (nursery, classrooms, youth center, administration).

Fr. Parkes formed a Focus Group on Fundraising to interview firms that plan and execute Capital Campaigns.  A decision regarding the firm chosen will be announced shortly.  A feasibility study is necessary to attain financing from the Diocese of Orlando.  Our feasibility study is planned for late April thru May.  A Capital Campaign is planned for Fall 2007.

A Feasibility Study will include evaluating the interest for a Catholic School on the parish campus.

Website Update:  January 21, 2007
The Facilities Commission has participated with Hunton Brady Architects and CPH Engineers in two planning charettes.  These 4-5 hour meetings allowed us to take an in depth look at our short term and long term needs for our parish campus and initial building project.  In the coming weeks, the architects will begin work on creating conceptual sketches of our work to date to present to the Diocese of Orlando Building Committee.  We hope to present our Master Plan to the Diocesan Committee at their February meeting.

On January 13, 2007, Fr. Parkes along with representatives of Hunton Brady Architects, CPH Engineering, and our Facilities Commission toured our property.

Fr. Parkes gave the following update the weekend of November 18/19:
After contacting several architectural firms, the Facilities Commission invited three to interview.  We are pleased to announce that we have selected Hunton Brady (< for our project, and are looking forward to working with their team.

We have contracted for survey work (including boundary, topographical, and wetlands) for our site located on Lockwood Boulevard.  This work will commence in the next few weeks.

Fr. Parkes gave the following update at all Masses the weekend of October 7/8:
We have received a preliminary report from our geo-technical survey.  Overall the land is low.  However, it appears that we will be able to utilize some of the dirt on our property (and create retention areas) in order to build up other parts that are to be developed.  There is a small area that will have to be ‘de-mucked’ before any type of structure or parking is placed on it.  A Master Plan will reflect the placement of the ponds and the buildings.

  • We are in the process of inviting a few architectural firms to interview with our Facilities Commission.
  • We are researching the use of companies that assist with the raising of capital to finance our projects.  The services to be utilized will range from a feasibility study to the preparation for a Capital Campaign.
  • Thank you for your interest in the development of our Parish Campus!