Marriage Preparation

“A wedding is a day…a marriage is a lifetime.” Our parish follows the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Orlando for the marriage preparation process. Contact Frances Stadler at for more information or call the Parish Office at 407-365-3231.  Please allow six months to complete the marriage preparation process.

Is Your Marriage Blessed by the Catholic Church?

If you did not participate at a Catholic parish in Marriage Preparation at the time of your wedding, perhaps your Marriage needs to be ‘convalidated’.  Contact our Marriage Preparation Coordinator for more information or call the Parish Office.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats

Interested in Marriage Encounter or Renovación Conyugal?  Find out about dates for upcoming retreat and contact information through the Diocese of Orlando Office of Family Life.

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Retrouvaille will help your relationship.  This retreat weekend is focused on improving communication skills.  Couples who are thinking of separation or divorce OR couples who have separated or divorced are invited to attend.  Find out more about the retreat program OR about the local contact and upcoming retreat weekends and locations.

Marriage Annulments

An annulment is the process by which a Priest or advocate assists and ministers to divorced members within our parish community. An annulment is a statement proclaiming that a marriage was not valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The annulment process involves prayer, sharing, gathering information, and healing. Annulment advocates educate and encourage the person as they guide and assist them through the annulment process. If you are interested in finding out more about the Annulment process please contact our Annulment Advocate to answer your questions.