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Headline is one of the few areas of your linkedin profile that impacts the linkedin search algorithm more heavily than the other linkedin profile fields.

In order to sell yourself to a recruiter or hiring manager once they find your linkedin profile, add a statement to your headline to let them know exactly what you can offer them.

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Done well, your linkedin headline can be used to promote your brand statement, core marketing message, most enticing expertise, and all-around spectacularity (please dont use that word in your linkedin headline.

The vast majority of people screw up the headline on their linkedin profile, most often because they dont even realize that you can edit your headline to anything you want.

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This case, i advocate starting your headline with the title your company has given the job, and then including a title that is more descriptive after it.

To recap, the steps to an effective linkedin headline are:Be found on linkedin by using the keywords in your headline that a recruiter or hiring manager would use to search for a job candidate.

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But allowing the linkedin default to take charge of your headline is a dumb move.

Put, you can sell yourself, your stuff, and your services, all with a stellar linkedin headline.

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, for example, a company is looking to hire a financial advisor, their recruiter might use any of these keywords to find candidates for the job:At the very least, a financial advisor would need to use one of these keywords in their linkedin headline (and other places in their profile) in order to appear at the top of people search results.

Couple of excellent examples of headline creativity:Reliable pet-sitter who will find out and report back to you exactly what your dog is up to when youre not home.

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You elect to include a job title in your linkedin headline that differs from the one on your resume, my suggestion is to adjust your resume.

Learn how to craft your own ridiculously awesome resume, and get more inside tips on finding a job from job jenny.

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Linkedin headline (and, for that matter, your entire profile) should consider its target audience, and then speak directly to it.

Youre a linkedin user, especially one whos attempting to leverage your linkedin presence for professional gainplease race over to your profile immediately.

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